Capital Planning and Space Management

Capital Planning plays a key role in the development of capital projects for the campus, including construction of new buildings, renovation of existing facilities and provision of utility infrastructure.

The primary activities of the unit consist of: 

  • Coordinating and facilitating the capital planning process on the campus
  • Serving as the main contact for communications with the UC Office of the President for initial project approval, whether Presidential, Regental or State
  • Developing project space programs and justification
  • Drafting the documents required for project approval and funding
  • Maintaining the campus Facilities Inventory database

For information regarding building design, construction or bidding opportunities, please visit the Design and Construction website. 

Space Management provides analytical and resource management expertise that supports campus decision-making associated with the utilization of space both on and off campus.  The office also develops and implements policies and procedures for the effective management of spatial resources.  Services that are provided include:

  • Assisting senior management to define and prioritize specific space needs and developing strategies to meet those needs
  • Exploring new approaches for achieving greater efficiencies in the use of space
  • Conducting space studies and audits consistent with campus strategic objectives
  • Developing and maintaining spatial information systems, with a goal of making facilities data available throughout the organization
  • Overseeing the implementation of space initiatives, including coordinating moves and renovations, and assisting the planning for new campus space
  • Coordinating space issues with all members of the campus community